Big Belly Solar Compactor

The Big Belly uses solar power for 100% of its energy needs. The unit takes up the same "footprint" of an ordinary street bin - but because of its compaction capability it can hold six to eight times more waste than the average street bin.

The Big Belly Solar compactor consists of a solar panel, which powers a 12v battery, which in turns provides the power for an internal compactor. There are two volume sensors within the bin and when the rubbish reaches a certain level, the sensors trigger the compactor. Owing to its unique compaction capability, it can hold a minimum of 606, increasing to 800 litres of waste, which is up to eight times greater than the average street bin used by most local authorities. Big Belly compactors are provided on an operational lease at only £22 per unit per week. This can provide each council with an average net operational saving per unit of £77 per week

Solar Compactor benefits

  • Provided on an operational lease at only £21 per unit per week. Each unit has been proven to return an average £77 per week in savings and efficiencies

  • No Capital Funding required

  • Reduces bin collection costs by up to and over 70%

  • Proven to reduce street bin collections by an average 86% (Average taken from installations with remote rural and heavy urban councils)

  • 100% Solar Powered

  • An internal compactor increases the litter capacity by 6 - 8 times that of a normal street bin

  • It sends an email & text when the bin is 85% full

  • Management & operatives can view, on desktops and smartphones, the real time fill levels of all bins, eliminating “milk round” type collection rounds

  • Eliminates overflowing bins

  • Eliminates weekend collections

  • Eliminates birds/vermin scattering rubbish across streets, parks & beaches

  • Reduces street cleaning & litter picking requirements due to enclosed nature of bin

  • Comprehensively and successfully tested by Councils for vandalism and for health & safety regulations since 2005

  • Each Big Belly can transmit a Wifi Platform providing local Council information and local retailer offers. This are no costs to the Council associated with this service

Call 0844 800 6393 for a free demonstration

Intensively trialled over the past 6 years, the Big Belly bin is a cost effective, ecological solution to waste disposal. Please click here to view a video