Media Coverage

Big belly offers companies and organisations the opportunity to receive positive ecological PR, below are some of the articles and video relating to our compactor bins. For media and press inquiries please contact us.

  • Belfast Telegraph

    Council to try out hi-tech bins that text when full

    Hi-tech bins which automatically text council staff when they are nearly full could be on the way to an area which covers a large part of the famous Antrim Coast Road as well as some of Northern Ireland's top attractions.… More >

  • Isle Of Man Today

    Big Belly Bins In in Douglas

    There will be 25 new solar-powered compacting waste bins, which give up to eight times more capacity, called ‘big belly bins’, for deployment in the Douglas regeneration area.… More >

  • Mail On Sunday

    Is this the world's most hi-tech bin?

    It is currently on trial in Merton, south west London and the company claims it will cut the number of rubbish collections needed by up to 86 per cent.… More >

  • Your Local Guardian

    Merton Council tries out solar-powered bins which send 'I'm full' texts

    Merton Council is set to trial six hi-tech bins that use solar power to compact the rubbish then inform collectors when it is full.… More >

  • The Scotsman

    Aberdeen City Council unveil solar powered bins

    Aberdeen City Council today unveiled the local authority’s latest weapon in the fight to keep the city centre litter free - solar powered refuse bins.… More >

  • STV

    Wireless bins aim to cut waste and guide tourists in Aberdeen

    Dozens of interactive green bins are being placed around Aberdeen to help visitors find their way around the city.… More >

  • BBC

    Dundee University

    On the 12th December 2012, the BBC reported on a breakthrough for “Zero Waste Scotland”, targeting new innovations for waste disposal and recycling. Aimed towards the next generation, “Zero Waste Scotland” have financed a grant for Dundee University to purchase ten solar powered bins.… More >

  • BBC Oxford

    Oxford City Council to trial solar-powered 'email' bin

    Solar power enables the bins to crush waste as they are filled. Oxford City Council is to trial a solar-powered bin which emails when it needs emptying.… More >

  • The Oxford Mail Newspaper

    Oxford City Council

    Big Belly Solar Bins were in the news again, with their introduction by Oxford City Council. The news coverage in The Oxford Mail Newspaper on the 18th September 2012, outlined what the council intended to spend along with what the scheme could potentially save the council.… More >

  • The Journal (Ireland)

    Temple Bar

    The Journal (Ireland) has reported the installation and hi-tech possibilities of installing Big Belly Solar Bins in the Temple Bar area of Dublin.… More >

  • ITV News West

    Bath's Bin Revolution

    New bins that are run by solar power have been launched in Bath. They notify street cleaners when they need emptying.… More >

  • BBC

    Bath's solar-powered bins sense when they are full

    Solar-powered compactor bins which flash when they need to be emptied are being installed in Bath. Twenty-five of the new bins have been bought to help keep the city centre free of litter.… More >

  • This is Bath

    Solar bins launched to flatten waste

    New solar powered bins have arrived in Bath to help keep more litter off the streets. The 26 bins, which have been installed around the city centre, have eight times the capacity than the average street bin because they can flatten rubbish thrown in them.… More >

  • Blue Marble

    The Blue Marble magazine launched in June 2012, with expert input from a range of world authority figures and passionate Eco-School teachers, it is a must read for everybody interested in the good of the planet that we inhabit.… More >

  • The Bournemouth Leader

    On the 12th March 2012, author and columnist, Barrie Mahoney returned to these shores from his base in Spain. Writing a news report for The Bournemouth Leader, he was asked to view how things had changed since he was last here, which was several years ago.… More >

  • Larne Newsletter

    Hi-tech rubbish bin sends email when full

    The cleanliness of one of Northern Ireland's most popular tourist routes is set to be further enhanced thanks to a new, hi-tech, solar-powered bin which can send its own emails and text messages when it's full.… More >

  • Belfast Telegraph

    Big Belly bins call the council when they're full

    The last thing you want to see in the foreground of a glorious stretch of the Antrim Coast Road is an infestation of seagulls hovering over a bin overflowing with food remains, bags of dog faeces and empty drinks cans.… More >

  • Irish Examiner

    Solar panel street bins will send text to collectors

    Dublin city council is to trial solar-powered bins that can hold up to eight times as much as regular bins and send a text via a sim card to collection operators when they are full. … More >